When & How to clear app cache or data in Android | what happens when I clear data on an app.

Hey, we are here for giving a piece of knowledge through this article about
cache or data of any application even android or ios. 

Is your phone low on memory, does your phone work sometimes or do you
sometimes feel that your phone is sending its data somewhere else, like
hackers or some company if you face all these problems Does matter? If you
are, then you are in the right article, maybe this article can be of some help
to you. 

If you have noticed the application of your phone if you check the app
information in the application of your phone, then the size of the app it
shows much more than the earlier app size like I give you an example that you
can use any app. download it from the play store whose size is about 8 MB and
you see it after using it after few months the app has been up to 80 MB so it
has increased by 80% – 90% so how did all this happen.

When & How to clear app cache or data in Android | what happens when i clear data on an app.

You saw in the app info there is an option of storage in that
section there are more than app size that store in your phone. you have to
clear it but when we will tell you after some time first, let’s know why
that is useful for an application and if there any data leaking

When & How to clear app cache or data in Android | what happens when i clear data on an app.

How to clean storage in Android? You can clear some storage form deleting
some unwanted files, photos, videos, and many more things that there is no
use in your daily life. How to clear app cache or data in Android? You can
clear form app info inside a storage option but this is not recommended in
some conditions read the full article for more information.

When & How to clear app cache or data in Android | what happens when i clear data on an app.

Now let’s understand what is data of cache of an application, Data is stored
information which is of that app like your login details, daily status,
recommendation, and many more, and the cache is the information that is used
to run application faster and open faster run smoothly, but there is a problem
the data they use lots of storage more than your app that is so annoying if
you clear data of any app all your applied settings login and everything of
that app will be cleared and if you clear the cache the performance of that
app is cleared that is okay for an app. 

When you have to clear data and cache when your storage is full of an
installed app you can clear unwanted app data and cache which can help in
phone performance and storage, do not do with any daily using an app because
clearing the data may erase your details and many more.

How to clear app cache or data in Android:- 

  • Long press on any app. (or go to setting find apps button then open any app
  • Click app info or I button shown. 
  • Click on storages. 
  • Click on your any preferences clear data or clear cache. 
  • And your data is erased. (Remember all the helping images placed at the top of the article).

Frequently asked questions 

Q1 Can we clear google app data?

Ans.  Yes, we can clear google app data but Google allows you to clear
only search data.

2. After clear the data of any app can we install other apps?

Ans.  Yes, you can install other apps.

3. After clearing data of any social media app all posts will be deleted?

Ans.  Not only your account is logged out and after login into your
account, you can see your all posts.

4. My Some app is not working Can I clear data of those apps that will work?

Ans.  Yes, It works in some cases if the app supports your

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