Is Android Better Than iPhone? | Which phone should you buy.

We all must have had a question at some time or the other before taking a new phone, but it all depends on what kind of work you have to do with your phone. Every Phone is made according to different circumstances, it is made for different Persons, all these Smartphones can be good or bad according to different circumstances.

On this web page, you gonna see some comparisons in the commercial world.

Is Android Better Than Iphone? | Which phone should you buy

Is Android Better Than iPhone? 

Yes, But depending on the situation. Means that is on you which kind you are using what you have to do with it.

Why You Want in Phone? 

Firstly you have to think about what is the use of the phone in your daily life like daily uses, photography, gaming, creating content, etc. If you want to create some basic content like youtube, TikTok, reels, and many more it’s good for you, but if you want to watch them you don’t need an iPhone.

If your data is very important and you are a creator and communicate with your audience, you need an iPhone because iPhone gives you the best security in the whole surrounding compression to android.

Android is one of the best operating systems but the security is lenient compared to iPhone.

The best way to decide from both of them is to compare each of them by parts and this working process.



Android is one of the best open-source operating systems which is easily hackable in just small malware applications (but nowadays android gatting daily updates which not easily hackable).

  • In android, you get various types of companies and various quality products.
  • In android, you get a lot of processors which are best for various types.
  • In android, you get various types of application which make our life easy.
  • In android, you can use your custom ROM.
  • In android, you get fast charging with type-c port support at maximum phones.
  • In android, you get 108,48,64,32,16 -megapixel types of cameras.
  • In android, you get a headphone jack.


iPhone, IOS is the only operating system that provide by apple company and which is a very closed source operating system that is very secure.

  • Apple is only one of the companies that provide iPhone or IOS.
  • Apple releases its product in one year and upgrades its external parts.
  • iPhone has there owned app store which has only a limited applications.
  • iPhone has there own ROM which is IOS, and its update every month.
  • iPhone supports fast charging in their latest product(Apple doesn’t include a charger in their charger in the box)
  • iPhone doesn’t include a headphone jack in their latest product they release their own AirPods which is wireless.
  • iPhone gives you only a 12-megapixel camera and gives the best shot like a DSLR.

The main point of any phone is its price

The price of an iPhone is ₹94900 + charger price if you don’t have and On the other hand, android gives ₹10000 to ₹90000 depends on your choice. Please leave a comment below.

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