How to crack zip file passwords in Android? | Forgot zip file password |crack zip file password.

There is no option to forget the password which we often use to retrieve our password. The only option to open your file is to crack the zip file.

Often we send some important data, it can be a photo, video, or other files. Mostly we have a lot of files and folders to share collectively, we always like to compress the files into a single file. We have lots of options for compressing a file such as a ZIP, RAR, or DMG files.

We can use any of these methods to compress our files, but whenever we compress some of our confidential files, we always like to protect them using passwords. It encrypts the file and whenever the user or receiver receives the files they can access the files by entering the password.

But if you have forgotten your password, what will you do in this situation, do you have any idea, If yes then please let us know in the comment section. Because it can happen to you anytime.

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How to crack zip file password on Android?

There are many ways to do this, yes these are all legal options that we are going to discuss. So, how would you do this because there is no option to click on forget button which we often use to retrieve our password.

The only option to open your file is to crack the zip file.

In this case the easiest way to crack our file is to convert it to various format extensions, we can assume that it is our zip file Change it to RAR using some software. You can find these software in online website or software packages. Changing the file to various formats allows the password to be cracked.

The most recommended tool in this case is the PassFab for the zip. Best software for  Cracking your zip file. You can get now.

Remove password from zip file Using Notepad

This is an easy way to remove password from zip files. No extra software is required in this method. All of us have Notepad pre-installed on our Windows computers. 

Follow these steps to recover the password from protected zip files. You need to open the password protected zip file with Notepad. Then you have to search for some keywords that do not match with the non-protected file. and replace them as follows. Replace ‘Uta’ with this ‘5 ta ‘ and also replace ’12CO’   with this ‘IZCO’ . Then save it and open it with any of the zip file software that you have. You will see the password of the zip file has been removed and you don’t worry you can go for the other methods. Not a big deal.


Zipping of files has proved to be a vital process that helps in making storage and recovery much easier and also provides additional security to sensitive data. In cases where passwords of such ZIP files are forgotten, there are tools that can be used to open them. There are a number of technologies that provide users with the option that best suits their ZIP password cracking needs.

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