How can we use computers in making our studies easy?

Your Android phone that you use for various tasks is also to be used in the context of education. It is a great tool in the fast-growing technological world. In our old decades, the learner did not have enough information, so you saw a lot of guidance or misinformation, fake theories. People had God’s doctrine to answer all questions. This may be true in some cases, but not always. Whenever scientific, logical, and mathematical interpretation was done, people closed the door.

Now this new era, you are free to learn and any real information whatever you want. But the problem is not over yet, there is a lot of information in the new era that is the biggest problem, you do not know which is right or wrong because anyone can post any information on this internet. There is a lot of data to learn. But how will you learn without going in any wrong direction?

Here are some informational  points for you :

  • how can we use computers in education?
  • how can we use computers in making artwork?
  • how can we use computers in science?
  • how to use a smartphone for studying.

In epidemic situations, it helps us to do most of our work online.

These days a lot of software has been developed to help us or you can also say that you can make a profit from it.

Zoom meet like a meeting and service : 

How can we use computer in making our studies easy?

They provide video calls with conferences with many members and with many advantages.

And many software which provides the online medium.

In this way, we have many advantages that we can adopt, we have the flexibility of time and we have our own curriculum.

Use the computer in education :

There are lots of ways: unacademy – This is a great platform for learning.

In India it is so popular, here you can find all the subjects to study science, engineering entrance, language, commerce.

Live structured courses, weekly quizzes, and mock tests for UPSC, SSC, CAT, IIT JEE & More. Get the Unacademy Subscription. Coaching by Top Educators.

Youtube channel :

I am not promoting any youtube channel, but yes you can learn anything from youtube, almost every domain has its own video to learn.

Article and book : 

This is the most effective way to learn anything like we are providing you information that is related to android, mobile phones. You can google anything that you want or you have any questions you can find on the internet.

Use computer in making artwork?

Engineers, business doctors are all using computers to design. You can draw on computers, not on paper like the older generation. We have new technology that is booming the world.

software like- adobe xd, photoshop, illustrator.

Use computer in science?

The use of computer science in science means that science -fi simulation. Who helps us deal with real-world problems, There are programming languages such as MATLAB  is a programming and numerical computing platform used by millions of engineers and scientists to analyze data, develop algorithms, and build models.

Use your smartphone in your studies :

PDF – You can read the book through PDF. It helps to store any book in electronic format or you can convert any of your documents to PDF.

Application for study – There are many applications for students. Example- bio app, some mathematical applications, MS Word, There are tons of applications, etc.

Video – You can watch lectures from NPTEL, Harvard University, MIT, etc.

learn languages – You can learn any language with the help of a smartphone. There are some applications on the Play Store that offer you a course for the language.

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