How to reset android phone | how & when to factory reset android phone | how to format android phone

Hey, we are here for another article”How to factory reset your phone and why
you want this” this is a very common question nowadays because android
popularity is expanding day by day every 2 users have most of one android

Why you need to reset your smartphone is a very complex question when you want
to do this how much time it takes there are lots of questions let’s answer all
questions in just a single article after reading the whole article you can
think that what you have to do and when.

If your storage is full and you have lots of apps to install and your android
smartphone is hanging your smartphone is taking a lot of time to open an app
you have to reset your android smartphone,

In 2021 there are very smart android devices that can manage their system and
maintained by their own smart AI they clean on their own and give notification
to clean your phone in just some click you can do it.

There are lots of android smartphones in this entire market and there are lots
of ways to factory reset your android smartphone but we are sharing the
easiest way to factory reset your smartphone in just a minute.

Take your data backup and also create some clone of that data on your computer
or any storage device.

How to factory reset the android phone:-

  1. Open settings
  2. Find general management(or search general management)
  3. Click reset
  4. Click factory data reset
  5. Click on the reset button
  6. Click on the delete all button

After doing this wait some time your phone will restart automatically(you need
a minimum of  50% charge on your phone.)

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