Do celebrities use E-SIM in their mobile phones for security purposes?

Friends, you must have known about E-SIM that it is very new in this century,
some companies are bringing this E-SIM to the device like Samsung, Google,
and apple. Through this security, it is considered very safe and good,

and this also greatly benefits the phone manufacturers that there is a small
device in it because it is installed in your phone, it also saves a lot of
space in the phone. The term E-SIM simply means an embedded SIM card. There
are no physical SIM cards involved

E-SIM is a SIM card that is embedded in a mobile device and can connect you to
any operator offering E-SIM services.

The new batch of iPhones come with dual SIM support to physical SIM cards only
in china, the rest of the world including India gets one sim slot and an E-SIM
so what is an and how does it work is it useful is it a step back what’s apple
doing here well let’s find out in today’s article.

E-SIM stands for embedded sim now think about it for a minute you lose your
sim card. you go to a local service provider’s store they give you a new sim
card and tell you it will be activated in x minutes. I’m sure it’s happened to
all of us right.

So, what’s happening here basically the card they give us
goanna connect to our account that’s all that’s the waiting

Now, instead of just getting a phone, you’ll also get an e-SIM in your phone
that they can connect to your service provider. The phone comes with the sim
card embedded and the service provider just needs to connect your account with
that sim card.

so, why should we be bothered, how does this matter.

Does it even matter, well actually it does now one of the most important
things with technology is size of the component, size”s keeps going down and
down. The last flagship phone despoiled a mini-sim was released all the way
back in 2013. Do you remember the flagship if you do let me know in the
comments below and in fact I’ll make it easier for you.

I leave you a clue it came with the snapdragon 800 chip that’s the last
time we saw a mini-sim on a flagship phone anyway. The reason brands went with
micro and then nano is how important it is to save space.

The same reason why we are seeing headphone jack style, IR blasters removed,
apples even done away with the fingerprint scanners when display sizes keep
going up the internal components keeps shrinking space is at a premium for
manufacturers and e sim is just 15% the size of a nano shell.

Now while that, by itself is great, the fact that a nano-sim is not only going
to take the space of a nano sim but the Tray the assembly the ejector spring
you know everything takes place so E-SIM is much tinier and it really helps
save space, okay  I don’t care about size so does it have any other use
if that’s your question well it still does forget phones with smartwatches
other tiny devices.

E-SIM helps them stay connected without having to be tethered to a phone now
other advantages include well it.

Doesn’t happen a lot of faulty seal on a sim slot can lead to a loss of water
resistance and embedded sim helps avoid this scenario now if you don’t care
about any of this then there’s convenience switching from one carrier to
another is as easy as downloading the carrier’s app and buying a monthly plan
no more having to go to a showroom.

Getting a sim card from them at least that’s how it works in us now
either download a carrier’s app or scan a QR code that they give you any E-SIM
is configured for use so if you are traveling and you want to avoid roaming
charges in the future it could be as easy as going to the country downloading
an app buying a plan and done.

Now let’s come back to India, like I said Airtel has already big
support for E-SIM orders too, and given the iPhones coming out will not have a
second sim slot in India, and like in china expect others like Vodafone to
follow suit and come up with decent support soon.

But at least for a while, this will involve calls to customer service, which I
am sure will make my life miserable, think about it for a minute, there is
going to be a near future where I will get Vodafone every week. And got a deal
with JIO.

This but again there is a flip side to this as well if someone steals your
phone it will not be as easy as disabling tracking by removing the SIM.

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