Apps are sending data to company | How to Prevent to leak our data from apps.

In today’s internet world, a lot of
our work starts with the internet and ends on the internet itself. We do
all our work on the internet so that all our work can be done faster. But
there are some advantages and some disadvantages of this internet, which
provide us the facility, Some of them are middlemen who leak your data Or
some big companies use your data for their own benefit, some companies do it
by telling you and some don’t.

And in today’s internet age, privacy is one of the major reasons why humans
are afraid that no one wants their privacy or their data to be in danger or
fall into wrong hands.

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In our life and in your life you work on many such internets where no of your
data is taken which now days is more used in this smartphone than the
computer, the smartphone is a threat to us, these companies launch their new
apps. And in the beginning, it does not give us any data and provides us many
services but as these companies grow big and make a profit then it takes our
data and tells us to improve ourselves. Is it right to do this, in today’s
many applications, a lot of data is taken from all of us, which does not work,
there is a reason for taking any app data and nothing else.

But many companies send your data to another company so that they can track
your psychology and show ads on your phone or your computer accordingly,
this  advertising industry has grown tremendously and leaked our data in
the end cycles. It is known that China has a big hand in this work, many
services of China are used in all countries China is a country that releases
many apps and takes unnecessary data from us but that data is not necessary.
That data should only be used for advertising, that data can also be used for
your psychological and commercial purpose, China is a very big country and can
become a threat to anyone, they use all this data to put you at risk.

There are also many app bands happening in India, whether it is Chinese or
other countries like Facebook and there is a lot of news on such work, there
is a lot of news of their closure.

The government is taking big steps to overwrite your data, and even big
companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are extending their support day by
day, they have security patches to switch your data, new Android devices, and
more. There are new systems and many new software updates. If it will help a
lot to close, then you should always keep your software updated so that no
data is taken in your system, Apple has been enough in terms of privacy from
the beginning and Google has come up with many such options. that you can do
all your work. You can know about the app which app is sending the data and if
any app takes more data than required then it is removed or closed on the play

Now in many applications, the user has a wish whether he wants to sell his
data to the company or not, now the user can also juice that the company which
has their data should be deleted from their server, the user has full access
to it. The power is that he can do this, such options have come in many apps
and many apps keep the option hidden so that the user can not be more aware
about it and we want to tell you through this article That all their such
options have come and search on the internet about the app which is not an
option or you can also see in our website.

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