AI Apps for android – like SCI-FI JARVIS.

Artificial intelligence in computer making is like human intelligence which programs to think and work like humans and simulate their actions.

AI Apps for android - like sci-fi JARVIS.

Artificial intelligence is boom the world. Now the preponderance of companies using Ai to approach more customers and improve their processes through Artificial intelligence.

These AI apps have the ability to understand human behavior and have plenty of complex mathematics that are being used in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Instead many big IT and tech giants are taking your data in many ways like cookies, user sessions.

And whenever you install an application. They want your permission to take data from your device. All data collected from the user is being used to help improve services there. All data is used for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

So here we are talking about the Ai based Apps:


Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant, gives hands-on help, answers questions, sets updates, notes, deals with assignments and deals with schedules.

Accessible on Windows 10, Windows Portable, Android, iOS,  Microsoft Band, Amazon Alexa, and Xbox One, Cortana NLP, Bing Internet Finder and uses gadgets information to offer customized offers. This AI application can accommodate customers versatile and PC.


Siri adjusts the use, search, and tilt of customers’ language as they proceed with usage.

Siri can compromise on decisions or send a message to you whether you are driving, your hands are full, or basically in a hurry. It can also report your messages on your phone. Likewise gives an active offer like messaging someone whom you are running late for a gathering so that you can keep in touch easily.

  • Siri can search for the tune you should listen to.
  • Siri is a fast, simple approach to doing a wide range of useful things.
  • Siri is a great way to run your smart home.
  • Siri has the answer to a detailed investigation.
  • Siri can look, send, and book faster than you.


Alexa is an AI-controlled virtual assistant from Amazon.

This AI application works with Amazon Echo. Regularly, Amazon Alexa uses voice questions, NLP, and others to give various administrations to its customers.

Google Assistant

As an AI-powered virtual assistant built by Google, Google Assistant is fundamentally accessible on portable and curious home gadgets.

It depends on the language of the gadget which helps in the language of English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and many others. Customers can connect with Google Assistant via specific voice, and furthermore with console input.

This AI assistant can do all the possible tasks customers like to play music, search for the most liked eater, call peers, and even get them to receive valuable data from Google and They also help in building intelligence.

To work and do :

  • Communications
  • Local information
  • Spot answer
  • Music and news

When we talk about AI which can be like JARVIS, it is quite an interesting kind of SCI-FI, Marvel movies have ai that is made by Tony Stark AKA Iron man. But in the real world, we have gone through some AI for example.

Sofia, some AI-based robots, and Tesla AI auto-pilot. They are using mathematical modeling to do mechanical work using a lot of past experience.

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